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VYOM 2017

7 September 2017, Organized by MCA Department, SVIT - Vasad

Registration Fees is Rs. 200...!!!
Transportation will be provided free from Vadodara and Anand


Vyom 2017 is an Annual State Level Technical festival organized by MCA department of SVIT – Vasad. This techfest comprises of 5 gala workshops, 7 technical level contests, several non-technical events and On The Spot events. Participants will have exposure in any one of the enrolled hands-on workshops on various trending themes of the pre-event day. On the day of the event, participants will be judged according to their performance in various technical and non-technical events. Either you win or you learn.




Installation of MongoDB, Basic Commands, MongoDB Schema Development for Use Case

Advanced Excel

This workshop aims to develop advanced capabilities of MS-Excel among the participants.

Python Basics

The workshop aims to develop students programming language and capabilities of Python among participants.

Quick WebApp Development

This workshop trains participants to develop web applications quickly.

Android App Development

This workshop aim is to develop skills to creates participants own Android Application.



Scribbling C/C++ Code

Participants are required to solve syntax error from erronious C/C++ code given to them.

DB Snipers

In this group event, participants will hunt the SQL code from basket of SQL puzzle.

Doodle Design

Participants are required to prepare and present Doodle for the theme 'Green ICT' within the given time period.

Tech Quiz

The participants will be given questions related to IT technology in the form of quiz.

i Concentrate

This event tests the concentation of the participants. Instead of asking them to cram, they will be required to do creative programming.

P.S. Art of Layers

In this event, participants will have to design same photo from the bunch of photos given to them without using internet.


“The management of VYOM 2015 was very good and cooperative. The speech given by the chief guest was very motivating. The atmosphere of the college is also comfortable and nice. Finally, VYOM 2015 was just a great experience for us. Thank you SVIT.”

“I really enjoyed both the days. I would like to come here again and again.”

“It was a very great experience for learning android application development in VYOM 2016. The events were so unique and enthralling. Excellent coordination in every aspect of events and workshops”

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